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Jodhpur Accommodation We normally plan to see some beautiful and ancient places like temples or churches or forts on vacation; we desire to have tasty food, do some amazing activities and lot of shopping and we start looking for such places on internet. Tourists are very fond of roaming around the world, visiting new and beautiful places and people. Over the years, India has become one of the most popular tourist places in the world because of the historical places and eye catching sceneries. Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan and one of the most visited places of India. It has always been the city of kings as it was ruled by India’s richest and bravest kings of all time. Also known as “Sun City” because of the sunny weather, Marugarh Jodhpur Hotel has many attractions right from the temples, huge and unbelievable forts, unique folk dance, culture and the most important part is its hospitality.

The moment you step in Jodhpur you will come to know about its never ending beauty. Another name for Jodhpur is “Blue City” because of the different blue houses spread across Mehrangarh fort. If you are a tourist and want to make your vacation worth remembering then Jodhpur is the perfect place for you. Who doesn’t want to spend vacation in such enchanted and remarkable place? First thing you need to think before starting your journey is to find hotels and resorts in Jodhpur that will go easy on your pocket. Obviously, if you are coming from one state or country to another then you surely need best accommodation service.

Normally tourists go for expensive hotels and resorts but, why go for 5 star hotels and spend more money if we say that you can also have these princely services in 4 star hotels? Hard to believe, isn’t it? Yes, it’s true. Marugarh is one of the best and beautiful hotels in Jodhpur. People come to see Marugarh because it is located at the bottom of a gigantic and beautiful hill. It is a combination of 40 beautifully designed traditional and colorful rooms. At Marugarh, you will experience all royal services, such as spa, fun and frolic, banquets, bar, swimming pool and don’t forget about the diverse variety of delightful cuisine.

Though it offers all the royal and latest amenities but Marugarh hasn’t lost its touch of rajasthani culture and that is why, it is extremely famous amongst tourists who have experienced Marugarh hospitality. Those who are looking for traditional as well as modern hotels at Jodhpur should definitely spend their vacation in Marugarh.

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